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#Mixtape: @TheRealInvasion & 50 Cent – Animality: The Blended Tape

Mixtape: @TheRealInvasion & 50 Cent - Animality: The Blended Tape

DJ Invasion is a Blend/ Mixtape DJ from New Jersey. Creating Blends, Mash-Up’s, & Remixes that show off supurb skills & unthinkable collaborations. Starting at the age of 13, he first got into the mixtape game when he began listening to who he calls his mentors, such as DJ Green Lantern, DJ Dirty Harry, DJ Cinema & others. Amazed how they put songs together from the right instrumental, the right lyrics/Acapella’s, sound effects and drops, Invasion was determined to take a shot at Blending & Mash-up’s. Molding from the sound of his mentors, with his own twist, he finally created his own sound. DJ Invasion not only wants to bring “Blend” mixtapes to a higher standard, but to show hip hop fans what dream collaborations would sound like, from Eminem & Andre 3000 on a track, to Kendrick Lamar & 2Pac on a track. DJ Invasion is here to bust through barriers and make his impression on the mixtape game. The Invasion is here.

The Title “Animality” was inspired by 50 Cent’s upcoming album “Animal Ambition”. It also made sense as it also comes from the franchise “Mortal Kombat”. “Animality” shows 50 Cent’s aggression and ferocity over the span of his entire career from his first album, “Get Rich Or Die Tryin'” to his newest album, “Animal Ambition. Blending him perfectly on old school to new school beats, featuring hip hop heavyweights and newcomers. Special thanks to DaVinciBeats & production team Megatron (SeriousBeats, DeeJay Quality, & Custom Made) for supplying beats. Also, special thanks to DJ Up-N-Comin’, DJ Vadar, DJ MiQu, DeeJay Quality, DJ Crue, & DJ Lucher for leading their hands into the project. And last but not least. The audience for giving this tape a listen.