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Mixtape: Stogan – First Period @stogannn

Mixtape: Stogan - First PeriodMixtape: Stogan – First Period

“Stogan” real name is Logan Cigrang, born and raised in Santa Clarita, Ca. A city just north of Los Angeles. Currently resides in Lancaster, Ca which is just north of Santa Clarita. 21 years old, he started listening to hip hop about the age of 11. First Inspiration was Sean Daley, whom is “Slug” from the group “Atmosphere”. By the age of 16 he had become a profound fan of hip hop and its intense lyrics. A good friend of Stogans showed him the path to being able to freestyle at about 16. So for about a year he would kick a verse with all of him homies just trying to brush up his skills.

At about 17 he got arrested for multiple felonies as a minor. Ended up being sentenced to Probation Camp. When his term was almost up he ended up breaking his neck inside the camp. Once Stogan was at home with a broken neck he had about half a year of being able to do absolutely nothing but write music. At the point he learned and excelled quite efficiantly. Has had many ups and downs when it comes to his music when it comes to working with other artists in his town. Lost a good number of friends because he had a clear vision of what he had to do with his music. By the time he turned 21 his biggest influences are artists such as Logic, Tech N9ne, Hopsin, Slug, J. Cole, Lil Wayne, Jon Bellion, Big Sean, Eminem, and many more. Even though he is in the early stages of his career, Stogan prides himself on his fast, technical flow and delivery. Enjoy his Freshman Mixtape and Look out for him in the future!