#NewMusic LaTocha (@IamLaTocha) ” Knee Deep ” TNTB

Audio: LaTocha "Knee Deep" (TNTB)

Audio: LaTocha “Knee Deep” (TNTB)

This is a new release titled “Knee Deep”, from Latocha Scott aka LaTocha. The former lead signer of the platinum group Xscape. This new song is off her long awaited mixtape titled “TNTB” (Truth In The Booth).
“ Knee Deep ” is infused with familiar vocals from Xscape’s hit song, “Tonight” in which LaTocha sings very seductively in her whispering voice. Listen as Latocha invokes her sensual side on the Mike Will produced track from Ciara’s original hit “My Body”.
Latocha’s Steamy lyrics of a man going knee deep while making love, will make anyone want to grab their lover’s close.

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