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Mixtape: T-STRIX – The Future’s Present @T_Strix

Mixtape: T-STRIX - The Future's Present

Professional athlete were devastated by career ending injuries. Following years of recovery in search for a new dream to take place, the young artist developed a strong passion for music. He soon invested in Pro Tools, began engineering his own sessions & posting tracks online till soon getting noticed by a producer in the area, other known as Mindstat3.

Together they created new music & invested studio time in LA for top of the line recordings. Coincidentally, they came across an engineer that was in need of an artist while investing studio time in LA. T-Strix, also in need of an engineer, welcomed Ohio native, R-Lö, with a place to stay in SoCal. The team has formed the “Clever Empire Music Group” & together has been mastering their first mixtape, “The Future’s Present”, since early 2015.

T-Strix brings a new level of lyrical intention to rap, giving underground lyrics to a mainstream stage. Offering a new style of music to the audience, T-Strix & Clever Empire are encouraged to make a revolutionary change for hip/hop.

Track Listing

01. T-STRIX – The Future’s Present (Intro)
02. T-STRIX – Grind Like that
03. T-STRIX – The rejuvenation
04. T-STRIX – Temporary
05. T-STRIX – All is fair
06. T-STRIX – Ask me
07. T-STRIX – Navigate
08. T-STRIX – Check 1-2
09. T-STRIX – Deep soul
10. T-STRIX – Smile for the struggle II
11. T-STRIX – Mentally ILL
12. T-STRIX – Right now
13. T-STRIX – You Don’t Know
14. T-STRIX – Stand the fall
15. T-STRIX – Handicap
16. T-STRIX – Years Go By
17. T-STRIX – That’s Life
18. T-STRIX – Unwrapped (To be continued)