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New Mixtape: Tre Thomas – The Combine: 2k15 @OGTreThomas

Tre Thomas - The Combine: 2k15

Tre Thomas – The Combine: 2k15

The purpose of The Combine: 2k15 became very clear to me as I journeyed down a road untraveled by my friends and family. The main goal of releasing this project was to open the eyes of people “going with the flow” to a different lifestyle and deeper thinking.

Between struggling to make a living and dealing with physical and mental pressures, I combined my concepts and ideas to form a story of a dark tunnel which leads into the light. A story where anybody going through a struggle can relate and understand that, although life has it’s ups and downs, one can always make the best of any situation if they choose to do so.

I hope listening to this project allows one to take a second and appreciate life and what it means for them. And to understand that, no matter how dark times may be, there will always be a little light waiting for them on the other side.

Production Credits: Afro Keys, Ray Johnson, Kekko Bros, Uzo, IInfynite, Freezee, The Cratez, Platinum Sellers, Makiah Beats, Will Frisbie, & GoonOnTheTrack.

Recording/Mixing Credits: Will Frisbie & DJ Lil Fats

Photo Credits: Will Frisbie

Logo Credits: Marlon Davila

Track Listing

01. Tre Thomas – What Eye See (Prod. Afro Keys)
02. Tre Thomas – Blow Up (Prod. Ray Johnson)
03. Tre Thomas – Man Of The Year (Prod. Kekko Bros)
04. Tre Thomas – Glide (Prod. Uzo)
05. Tre Thomas – Blaze (Prod. Ray Johnson)
06. Tre Thomas – Low Gravity Ft. Deebo (Prod. IInfynite)
07. Tre Thomas – Tits McGee (Prod. Ray Johnson)
08. Tre Thomas – Timing You (Prod. Freezee)
09. Tre Thomas – All I Ever Wanted (Prod. The Cratez)
10. Tre Thomas – Fly Away (Prod. Kekko Bros)
11. Tre Thomas – In The Air (Prod. Platinum Sellers)
12. Tre Thomas – Kidults (Prod. Makiah Beats & Will Frisbie)
13. Tre Thomas – Talk To Em (Prod. GoonOnTheTrack)
14. Tre Thomas – The City (Prod. Kekko Bros)
15. Tre Thomas – What Do You Like (Prod. Platinum Sellers)

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