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New Video: @Worldarama1 ‘Whatever You Want From Me’

New Video: Worldarama 'Whatever You Want From Me'

‘Whatever You Want From Me’ is the title track off the EP by Worldarama, and the 3rd single released off the project (Production & Cuts by DJ Eitan Noyze)

The ‘Whatever You Want From Me’ sample is hypnotic yet so easy on the ears that listeners will definitely be pleased and compelled to play it over and over. The video’s treatment and direction by worldarama depicts him taking a subway ride to his storage space where he keeps all his entertainment history (company documents, vintage vinyl and memorabilia) as he vividly raps about his history in the game by naming all his past projects that lead him up to where he’s at today. The video was shot and edited by Chris Womble of newagephotos

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