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Aaron Mazarati ‘TORN’ EP – @MazaratiMusic

Aaron Mazarati  'TORN' EP

For those not aware, Aaron Mazarati is a Hip Hop/Pop Artist & multi-genre Songwriter. Originally from Portland, OR and Seattle, WA but now based here in Los Angeles. Been gaining a lot of attention from my recent projects, “Popped Clutch EP” & “DIY EP” and now I”ve got a new project called “TORN”. My credits extend from: 2 Universal Studios Films song placements, residency & performances all over Southern California, 2 tours, #”s just continue to go up, and the list goes on and on and on. Witness the rise before your eyes.

Track Listing
01. Aaron Mazarati – She The Type
02. Aaron Mazarati – Same Lane
03. Aaron Mazarati – Prescription
04. Aaron Mazarati – Let Go
05. Aaron Mazarati – Burned
06. Aaron Mazarati – I Don’t Need You
07. Aaron Mazarati – XO
08. Aaron Mazarati – Stop Wasting Time

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