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Album: @TimothyRhyme x @NayTheProducer – “Comeback of the Century”

Timothy Rhyme x Nay The Producer - "Comeback of the Century"

Timothy Rhyme was born again, after opening his eyes in a Sacramento hospital, covered in blood he’d thrown up, with the last thing he knew being at his mother’s house sleeping. Being given a second chance is the basis for the title of his new album “Comeback of the Century (COTC),” as Tim takes each of us on a journey of a fighter and a changed man. The album is designed to, and by early reviews is affectively working as an inspiration, each track empowering to overcome and bringing listeners close into the life of #ThePeoplesEmcee.

After an aggressive introduction, the opening track “Bury It” takes listeners through a day in the life of Timothy Rhyme, letting people know that he’s not concerned with the drama, only on his goals. “Poor Girl” is an intelligent twist on taking what has turned into a fad of being a “Jersey Shore girl,” wealthy lifestyle with no self-direction, and flips into a soulful song on herds of internally poor girls in the world. The track “Broke Anthem” shows the real-life side of Tim. Many mainstream artists focus on their money and materials. This is a story of a starving artist who is paving his own road, slowly but surely.

The inspiring, emotion-filled, hit “Immortal” featuring Jeff K. is the Sactown artist’s insight into his passion, his drive, his reasoning for continuing the road to success. “Facts of Life” featuring Micahtron Gray speaks for itself, the two speak honestly about their views about life, how they deal with obstacles, and what is perceived as normality with some clever word play and punches mixed in. The final track “Ghost,” featuring Jeff K. is a heartfelt walk alongside Timothy Rhyme showing us where they came from, things they do as positive humans, their pain, and their success.

COTC, produced entirely by female soulstress Nay The Producer, is an album that people from all walks of life can relate to. From people having a bad day to those overcoming life’s curveballs or taking on the world. There are albums, and then there is timeless music. This is the latter.

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