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Audio: Chaz Defranco “Torreón” (@ChazDeFranco)

Chaz Defranco

Chaz Defranco “Torreón”

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, we’ve all been involved in a past relationship that’s weighed heavy on our hearts and in some instances, never get the opportunity to make right on it. Fortunately, that’s not the case for Montreal’s Chaz DeFranco. With his constant travels to and from Mexico in his early twenties, the Canadian songwriter meet a beautiful young woman by the name of Angela Del Rio. The two had became romantically involved with each other but sadly, the relationship came to an end.

Years later, Chaz happened to stumble across Angela online which lead to a few phone calls. That’s when he found out she had won the state pageant (which Torreón is the capital of) and was a finalist in the Miss Mexico Pageant. This is when the Canadian crooner grabbed a pen & pad and began constructing one of his best releases to date. “Torreón” serves as not only a dedication to the love Chaz lost but serves as an apology to Del Rio for his shortcomings. This is also the fifth release in DeFranco’s #songsunday series and is available as a free download.

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Chaz DeFranco is a singer/ songwriter based in Montreal, Canada that made quite an impression on the indie music scene in 2014 with his first official video release of “No Evil In Her” on Vevo and his debut EP “Bolt From The Blue” last November. He’s currently campaigning his new audio series titled #songsunday which began July 20th and will conclude with the eighth and final release on August 30th.