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New Mixtape: JABO – B4 The Evolution @jaboent

New Mixtape: JABO - B4 The Evolution

New Mixtape: JABO – B4 The Evolution

“B4 THE EVOLUTION” is a body of work that is the prequel to “THE EVOLUTION” LP that is dropping Oct. 1st on Itunes!
With Production from Dwill, BeatsXkd, BeatChamp, BlackMetaphor, Travoski, and FlightBoi.Features from Tabius Tate and Ink from Vintage Nation, this is definitely a great introduction to the Alabama Native JABO.

Track Listing

01. JABO – Poppin The Seal (Prod.By DWILL)
02. JABO – Still Love Me (Prod.By Black Metaphor)
03. JABO – Not A Facade (Prod.By BeatsXkd/BeatChamp)
04. JABO – Hip Hop Georgy (Prod.By BeatsXkd)
05. JABO – Boss Lifestyle (Prod.By DWILL)
06. JABO – Lay It Down feat. DWILL (Prod.By DWILL)
07. JABO – Million Dollar Paperchase (Prod.By DWILL)
08. JABO – Running Too (Prod.By BeatsXkd)
09. JABO – Take Off (Prod.By DWILL)
10. JABO – 9:45 (Prod.By FlightBoi)
11. JABO – What U Gone Do? (Prod.By DWILL)
12. JABO – Hate On feat. INK (Prod.By DWILL/GoDjXO)
13. JABO – Accolades (Prod.By BeatsXkd)
14. JABO – Roll It Up (Prod.By Black Metaphor)
15. JABO – My City feat. Tabius Tate (Prod.By BeatsXkd)
16. JABO – My Parade (Prod.By Travoski/BeatsXkd)

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