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New Music: KP “Heart Of A Thug” (@LyricallyImKP)


New Music: KP “Heart Of A Thug”

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An Ambassador of the West Coast Rap Game:

Growing up in the streets of South Central, in the quest for rap supremacy, KP began to study several esteemed rap albums including Ready To Die2Pacalypse NowMe Against the WorldThe Chronic, and Illmaticpaying close attention to the various elements that made those records timeless. Like his predecessors TuPac, Biggie, and Nas alike, KP’s rough surrounding undoubtedly forced him to face the gloomy side of life since a very young age as he often witnessed family and friends both hustling in the streets just to stay alive. KP even himself succumbed to those same methods as a means to making a living.

Watching neighborhood friends getting murdered for little more than a pair of shoes or just for a few bucks, was KP‘s reality. “My childhood was real fucked up,” he admitted. “But it wasn’t really that different from anyone else who lived in the ‘hood, you feel me.”

KP pours his “real life” experience into every lyric as his fans connects with his hardcore west coast anthems. KP is considered to be one of the pioneers in bringing back the West Coast hip-hop scene.

KP‘s tenacity on life, whether it’s on the mic, or in the studio represents real life momentum that many can relate to. KP is the real deal and has been said to be “Next To Blow”.

In 2006, KP released countless mixtapes, some where with notable DJ Skee and DJ Warrior earlier on in his career. KP was quite determined to spend the next few years, until 2009 performing his success as a “Mixtape Phenomenon”.

Countless mix tapes later, in 2009, KP finally released his debuted EPK entitled “Talk of the Streets” which solidified his lyrical appeal as an artist while attracting the attention of industry execs and deemed him The Ambassador of West Coast RapKP has performed all over the country and was featured in local performances all across the Los Angeles area.

In September 2015, KP has released his new much awaited single entitled “Heart of A Thug” which is soaring on the indie charts. Never ceasing to entertain his numerous fans around the world, whether it’s greeting his devoted followers through performance or social media, KP is at Reverbnation , Facebook, Twitter force to be recognized that real “West Coast Rap” is here to stay. KP is a force to be recognized that real “West Coast Rap” is here to stay.