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News: @TroyAve Featured On the Cover Of @OvertimeHustlin Magazine

News: Troy Ave Featured On the Cover Of Overtime Hustlin Magazine

News: Troy Ave Featured On the Cover Of Overtime Hustlin Magazine
Before Major without a deal was released, you stated it was the best Album of the year. With the miscalculation of the numbers in the beginning do you still feel it is the best rap album of the year?

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Yes, That is a facto, like I said Rap album of the year. it is not turn up rap. It is not r&b rap, it is not crunk rap or weirdo backpack rap or nothing like that. major without a deal is straight rap like the shit Biggie and Jay Z was spitting, trap or die shit and different shit like that. Most definitely! You can compare it to anything that came out. I go song for song, how they say pound for pound. My shit you can play straight through, other people put out albums you can not play straight through. They have alot of shit that you want to skip. I make quality music. I put out what the fuck I want and I am independent and I am getting all this fucking money. That is the main objective, that shit totally recouped and I might just grab another bag for it before I go to a major.

You being a successful independent artist and others being artists not assigned to a label that call themselves independent. What is your definition of an independent artist?
Anybody that is doing it on their own, there are not no different levels to independent. If you are independent you are putting out your own shit and you are not signed to a major label. You do not have major label distribution or none of that shit.

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