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Video: Paidro Goodie “Smooth Operator”

Video: Paidro Goodie “Smooth Operator”

Video: Paidro Goodie “Smooth Operator”

East Coast Digital Radio presents the release of the “Smooth Operator” Music Video by Paidro Goodie

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About Paidro Goodie: Evian “Paidro Goodie” Jeter was born on October 24th, 1986 in Seattle, Washington. He grew up with a single military mother and an older brother where excuses were no excuses. As a military child he traveled and lived in many different places. Paidro lived in Texas, Illinois, Florida, and in 1995 I moved to Union, South Carolina. In 2009 he moved to Columbia, South Carolina where he currently reside. Paidro learned about principals and priorities and that family was always first, learning that everything is possible with belief in the higher power and support from my family and friends. Even though Paidro have been good at many different sports and other activities music was always my heart and passion.

At the age of 9 Paidro was kicking freestyles and by the age of 13 he was running his own studio. The name Paidro comes from “I always got money” so you know “I have to get paid” and if you are spending money why not pay me? That was always his attitude, but with that attitude he had to learn the hard way. Goodie came from keeping “good product” whether it was in the streets or industry. Throughout his life he has made numerous of mixtapes but the summer of 2014 he signed to Five Star Empire to put out his official debut mixtape “Don’t Wanna Be Broke No Mo”. This mixtape has a street style concept of how to avoid being broke or how to come up if a person is broke. The struggles and experiences he had to go through of being broke is what inspired him to write the tracks on this mixtape. Majority of his music does not come from the heart or the brain it comes from the different experiences he have gone through. Shortly after completing the first mixtape, Goodie went back into the lab while traveling on the road promoting the first tape, and cooked up Road Trip. Road trip was a combination of seeing new things and living the life he always dreamed about; performing at shows, doing interviews and having the time of his life with the same people that was there at day one.

In conclusion, music has always been a way he could express his self and feelings verbally. He likes to think that music is another way of hustling. He have always dreamed of putting out his own album and he believes that his time has finally come to do so. Paidro would like to be the artist from Columbia, South Carolina who makes it somewhere in the music industry but more importantly he just want my music to be heard. For more music by Paidro Goodie visit his official Soundclick page.