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Video: Princess Nelson-Watkins ‘Pain Deep’ (@TheMrs_Princess)

Video: Princess Nelson-Watkins ‘Pain Deep’

Video: Princess Nelson-Watkins 'Pain Deep'Princess Watkins is a singer/songwriter, born December 9, 1990 in Dallas, Texas. Born to the parents Timothy and Sebrina Nelson, who named her after the living legend “Prince” Roger Nelson, knew from the womb she would be a superstar. She started singing at the age of 10 in the church. After life’s trials she began to express her emotion through writing Hip Hop/R&B and creating her own unique sound. In July 2014, Princess’s future manager and husband William Watkins IV, made a decision to travel for work to finance her first record and spread her music in every major city across the United States. In July 2015, she released her first single “Pain Deep.”

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