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[Video] @ReaLZeaLStatiC ‘Dreams & Wishes” Ft Terence Kritical

[Video] Zeal Static ‘Dreams & Wishes” Ft Terence Kritical

[Video] Zeal Static 'Dreams & Wishes" Ft Terence Kritical

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Born and raised in Fiji, Zeal Static has come a long way from the Island life to were he residescurrently in the concrete jungle of Melbourne, Australia. Evading the life of struggle and poverty and in search of a better life and education, Zeals Family migrated to Australia.

In Australia Zeal fell in love with the art of Hip Hop, when he was introduced to it through his school buddies, who would give him cassette tapes and CDs. He would listen to Ice Cube, NWA, Naughty By Nature, Tupac & The Outlawz, Rakim and Big Daddy Kane, some of his all time favourite rappers.Soon he began to mime the songs, the rappers lyrics and would write down their songs and got to a stage when he developed rhyming skills, free-styling and writing skills to compose his own songs.

He would enter talent competitions along with friends and this gave him a feeling like to other, to be able to express himself and make the crowd move.

As the years went by he honed on his skills and released his first mixtape album which was hosted by non other than Australia’s number one urban Dj, Dj Nino Brown. The release brought him exposure and a new fan base.

His first single release saw him doing a tour of Fiji in 2011, getting sponsorship from Fiji Broad-Casting Corporation and 2dayfm, also a live radio interview with his single “Wat U Thinkin”, one rotation for two weeks.

Not very long ago he had the opportunity to work with one of the member of The Outlawz, the late Hussein Fatal, who featured on Zeal Static’s single “Dreams & Wishes”. This is an alternate album version to the single, where as the single features both verses from Zeal.

As always one release after another Zeal is back in the kitchen cooking up his next release, this time an EP album and another single release which is near completion and will definitely turn some heads.