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Mixtape: @DJKoolFlash – 1st Ladies Mixtape, Vol.1 – Hosted by @StatikSelekt

Mixtape: DJ Kool Flash – 1st Ladies Mixtape, Vol.1 – Hosted by : Statik Selektah

Mixtape: DJ Kool Flash - 1st Ladies Mixtape, Vol.1 - Hosted by : Statik Selektah

DJ Kool Flash has music is in her blood. She is the daughter of a Professional DJ/Recording Artist and her mother was a National Dancer in a Communist Country. She was born in Brooklyn, NY and is an 8 Year Old Professional DJ and B-girl. She’s been DJing for a year and a half and has superior skills considering the short period of time she’s been playing. She now lives right outside Washington, DC in Silver Spring, MD. Kool Flash named herself by combining the names of two Hip-Hop Legends, DJ Kool Herc and DJ Grandmaster Flash. This can be accredited to DJ Hero having Grandmaster Flash do the tutorial and by her watching youtube videos of DJ Kool Herc. She is not just a DJ either, she is a turntablist who cuts, scratches, doubles snares and beat juggles vinyl on her Technic 1200’s. She receives private DJ instruction at The Beat Refinery, which is the DMV’s local version of NYC’s Scratch Academy. Her teachers are DJ Throwdown(Ross) who just became DC’s DMC Champion for 2015 and DJ Trayze, this year’s Red Bull USA Thre3style DJ Champion. She is quite accomplished and connected in the music industry for her sophomore year as a DJ and performer. She got noticed in the social media world earlier this year when the J Dilla Foundation shared a video of her beat juggling on their Facebook page. Later on that day the good folks at Akai Professional shared the post on their Facebook page and the response was incredible. In a matter of days the post would get over 160,000 views. This has also been her breakout performance year. She has performed with Motown Legends ” Martha and the Vandella’s ” a few times and has been named an honorary Vandella. Kool Flash has been on stage with Hip-Hop Legends ” The Brand Nubians ” and opened up for Smif-N-Wessun, Heltah Skeltah, Jayden and Willow Smith, Joey Badass/Statik Selektah and Grammy Award Winner Erykah Badu. She is the youngest DJ of The J Dilla Foundation.

This is the Debut Mixtape release by 8 Year Old Sensation DJ Kool Flash and it’s titled, “1st Ladies Mixtape, Vol.1.” It’s packed full of amazing underground female hip-hop artist that she Loves. She was honored by having her mentor, the Legendary Hip-Hop DJ and Producer, Statik Selektah host the “1st Ladies Mixtape.” This mixtape was recorded as a straight take from beginning to end. There is no editing, fixing or correcting done to this mixtape after recording, so what you’re about to hear is A LIVE RECORDED SET of music by an 8 year old. Yes, it was mastered in the studio so It’s OFFICIAL and Bangs Like a Champ !DJ Kool Flash would like to thank : Allah for all her Blessings, her parents and family in France, Chris Stiles, DJ Throwdown, DJ Trayze, DJ As-1 and The Beat Refinery family, Ma Dukes and Toney Smith of The J Dilla Foundation, Chris Roman and Karl Detken at inMusicBrands, DJ ZU of The HipHopUnforgettable Tour, Darryl Perkins and the Broccoli City family, Statik Selektah, Nasir Nolan (StraightPathJewlz), The Reeves Sisters (Sandra, Delphine and Martha), The Brand Nubians, the staff at The Howard Theatre and All Her Fans Worldwide for All their Love, Support and Encouragement. She also thanks all the other Recording Artist and DJ’s that she’s met and sends Special Love out to Each Artist on her Mixtape for the great music they make and for inspiring her musically.

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