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Tommy Swisher ‘Diamonds Last Forever’ [Video]

Tommy Swisher 'Diamonds Last Forever' [Video]

The Fader Recently Dropped Tommy Swisher ‘Diamonds Last Forever’ Video

The newest independent iconic figure in Atlanta, Tommy Swisher dropped his Interlude “Diamonds Last Forever” this week. While, Tommy in his past videos has left us in a psychedelic trance or put us in a certain mood; he’s done it again. His latest hit “Diamonds Last Forever” uses minimal props, a little liquor, wild dance moves, beautiful colorful women and of course Tommy himself. The record is very catchy and repetitive. I could see this working perfecting in the very beginning or middle of an Album or EP. The video gives off a drug induced, liquored up feel that just makes you want to nod your head and dance the night away. This one is definitely one for all of the ladies. I love how simple yet effective this video is. Tommy Swisher is a genius. For any hip hop lovers, I recommend Tommy Swisher. Tommy is a unique soul; he’s got music for everyone.

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