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REMY MA “March Madness” Fresstyle

REMY MA "March Madness" Fresstyle

Say what you want about Remy Ma, but it’s no secret The Bronx rapper is about that life.. But to not dwell on the negative we must focus on now as well as the future and with Remy Ma being back home it’s never a dull moment when we get new music from Reminisce. Speaking of Future, it looks like just before a new episode of Love and Hip Hop New York, she has decided to unleash this new record ‘Madness’.

‘Madness’ catches the ‘Whuteva’ artist on her grizzly as she puts on her display her lyrical prowess that many of us have grown to love back before she got locked up. Also it looks like she had a few words for those who had somethings to say when she was gone, listen to ‘Madness’ below.

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