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Dax of MPire’s ‘PMIP’ (Pay Me in Power) Mixtape

Industry Killa Dax (of Mpire fame) finally unveils his long-awaited project, Pay Me In Power.

Dax of MPire’s ‘PMIP’ (Pay Me in Power) Mixtape

Though it’s quite clear New York City emcee, Dax of MPIRE has a solid team behind him, the verbalist proves once again he can shine on a mixtape chock full of fire features. On the lengthy 17-track tape, Pay Me in Power (PMIP), executive produced by Dax himself and Luminary, you’re in for an array of tough beats which range from the smooth and pensive to the turnt’up thanks to production help by Scram Jones, V Don, Aqua StoneThrone, Mike Mulah, OP Supa, and DJ Daze.  Along with a heavyweight line of production, you’ll find notable features such as Steele (SmiffNWesson), Paul Cain (The Family), Murda Mook, Nutso, AG da Coroner, Kaeson, Rrose Rrome and A.L. (Natural Elements).

Dax doesn’t lack in matching the various sounds on his project, ensuring he switches his flows frequently, whether he’s rhyming laid back and Sinatra-esque on “My Way” or spitting rapid flames on “Do What I Want,” the dude is relentless in displaying his power in the booth. Another eclectic in the project are the varying themes found throughout. Dax waxes poetic about fighting off the haters while still being your own self-antagonist, struggling with inner demons, celebrating when you’re up and of course, including a nod to that special shorty in your life on “Stare At You.”  The bottom line is that Dax MPIRE has more bangers in the chamber ready to let off and even after an ambitious mixtape, he’s still only just begun.

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