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MP3 Music: Lamontt “Body on a Platter” (@lamonttreborn)

Lamontt "Body on a Platter"

MP3 Music: Lamontt “Body on a Platter”

Lamontt is an American R&B singer best known for his unique blend of Soul and R&B.With revelatory lyrics, whimsical melodies, and the authenticity of Motown, Lamontt has established himself as a soul vocalist, musician, artist, and writer.

With headliner quality from Live performances ranging from Leading melodic cadence while active in the United States Marines.On to Continuing to pursue and perform for many across North America.Lamontt expresses his gift of song with passion and enthusiasm that is infectious.He connects to his audience with transparency on topics such as Sex, love, emotions, relationships, joy and pain.

His largest impact to the culture of R&B was the release of the single “Body On a Platter” witch was distributed through major outlets such as Tidal, iTunes playlist, Amazon Music and other major platforms and media outlets.

Lamontt continues to work in the music industry bringing original attentive content.

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