Video: Tae Rilla - Summertime ChiRaq
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Video: Tae Rilla – Summertime ChiRaq (@TaeRilla) (@DjSmokemixtapes)

Tae Rilla releases visuals for new summer anthem “ Summertime ChiRaq ”

Tae Rilla releases visuals for new summer anthem “Summertime ChiRaq”

Tae Rilla proves there is more than only drill music coming out of Chicago’s indy music scene. Summertime ChiRaq is a hard hittin record, the beat goes hard, and Tae flows with a defined Chi-town born cadence.

He spits: “Tell em pick the shorties up, tell em put the guns down, tell em haters move around, Englewood where I’m found, sun up to sun down its going up it going down!” I think Tae Rilla got a hot one on his hands with this one!

Make sure you Follow Tae Rilla on Twitter Instagram and Facebook!! Press play to take a ride through ChiRaq through the eyes of Tae Rilla and Robert Smith. In the words of Tae Rilla I’m bout to hit up Harold’s and grab 6 wings, out!

Video: Tae Rilla “Summertime ChiRaq”

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Tae Rilla is from the south side of Chicago. Tae Rilla has been rapping since the age of 10. Influenced by watching his older cousins having their freestyle sessions and age 11 Tae was signed to a independent record label. Him, and his label mates released a compilation.

Tae Rilla has been at many local open mic & rap competitions, also a show with “White boy” a popular local artist from Chicago. He has made a name for his self in high school by doing several rap battles. Tae Rilla was notorious for his lyrics, & metaphors.

In 2012 Tae Rilla release his first mixtape “Showtime in No Time” later that year he was an opening act for Chicago legend Twista. Tae Rilla is influenced by artist’s such as Eminem, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne & 50 Cent.