E.C.D. – Woke Up in the Middle East

“Woke Up in the Middle East” is an ode to solving conflict, both internal and external. It is about the balance of being righteous, while also living on the edge. E.C.D.’s bars and flows are unique with hard hitting middle eastern influenced production by production group, Crackaz Wit Cheeze (E.C.D., Giuseppe & Young Chuck). The music video was shot by up and coming filmmakers Damien Blue and Cody LaPlant.

Ethan Clark-Davis, whose musical pseudonym is “E.C.D.”, has been a composer, hip-hop producer, and songwriter since the age of 13. At the age of 15, Ethan left his home in Wisconsin and headed south to Houston. From there he moved around to schools in Virginia, then LA, spent months meditating in India, has resided in New York City, and now has settled back in Los Angeles. Ethan’s music is a representation of his travels, past homes, disparate adolescence, and his observant nature.

His sound is equally influenced by Indian Raga music and psychedelia as it is by southern trap. While “world rap” is a label that Ethan uses to describe his music, that categorization doesn’t illustrate its intricacies, complex origin, and undeniable sonic sophistication. His unpredictable yet alluring vocal tones, unapologetic flow, and timeless production makes his music truly feel like it has always been.