MyFolk "Call Dat Hate" - New Music
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MyFolk “Call Dat Hate” – New Music (@MyFolk)

MyFolk "Call Dat Hate" - New Music
MyFolk is a group from GA that consists of three members Marc Ross aka Candyman (myself), Kleif Bussey aka Kalico, and Demetrius Martin aka Field Boy. This group has been together for over five years, while releasing three mixtapes, The Resume, 2 For Da Money, and NFL (No Fat Lady) and we are currently working on releasing our fourth mixtape called The Resume 2, and our first album NFL2 (No Fat Lady 2).MyFolk sound like Madea holding a draco while playing spades with Samuel L. Jackson, Danny Trejo, and Jan Claude Van Damme while watching Micheal Myers VS. Freddy Vs. Jason which separates them from other artist. MyFolk has performed in clubs such as Throwbacks and Club Crucial in Atlanta, GA, Club Rozay, Fountain Inn and The Martin Twin Theater in Douglas, GA and The City Limit Club in Waycross, GA among others!

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