Matt Aaron

Matt Aaron – Higher Power @RealMattAaron

Newcomer to hip-hop, producer and lyricist from Stone Mountain, GA, Matt Aaron continues to represent his city through his latest release “Higher Power” with an accompanying video.

The 24 year old rapper is making the right strides to eventually be a household name in his city. Influenced by Atlanta natives like Outkast, Ludacris, T.I., Jeezy, and Usher, Matt plans to be the next pioneer for his city. His inspiration stems from just making music that people can vibe to and hopefully connect with. As a rapper from the suburbs of Stone Mountain, his lyrics aren’t the typical words you hear from many hip hop artists because he uses modern production, but puts his own spin on it which will help make him stand out.

His new release “Higher Power” was intended to highlight some of the struggles and obstacles of trying to make it big, but while going through the journey to always keep faith in God or whatever higher power you believe in. In the visual you will see him with a Colt 45 all throughout the video from start to end, and some may be confused as to why he chose the drink as a prop. The Colt 45 and was intended to represent an addiction that he uses to cope with his struggle of trying to make it and the stress that he is faced with. Close to the end you’ll see him knocking over one can and pouring out the second can in the video to represent his breakthrough of an addiction that led him to the graveyard in which he woke up in.