Tahj Ace Ft Frank Stoney – El Camino @tahjace

Tahj Ace’s “El Camino” has a solid and cool rhythm, while the melodies are warm and present, without ever overpowering the vocals. The track brings a really unique approach to his lyrical flow, going for a very direct and in-your-face style while retaining a strong character and a very distinctive personality. Along with a featured verse from Frank Stoney who is not afraid to push it to the limit when needed, but he also understands that at times, taking a step back is the best way to let the song breathe.

Tahj Ace is an artist with a focus on creating music with an innovative spirit. His debut project, “Cool High 1.0. EP”, released on June 24th, 2018. Throughout the span of his career, the artist has been featured on many groundbreaking publications, including Niji Magazine, JBL Professional, VICE, Hype Off Life Magazine, and more. His music is a forward-thinking exploration of modern hip-hop and classic rap influences alike, with memorable melodies and great vitriolic production tones that showcase the punch and width of the artist’s delivery.

Ultimately, I’d definitely recommend listening to this release, particularly if you are a fan of artists like Biggie Smalls, Wu-Tang Clan or Kriss Kross, only to name a few. Tahj Ace is more than just a rapper. He is also a model, actor and full-rounded entertainer with a really diverse background.