Kaido Kid – Squirtle @kaido_the_kid

“Squirtle” is a song heavily inspired by Ugly God’s, “Water”. The song uses heavily distorted trap 808s common throughout the current Soundcloud genre and uniquely samples vocals from the anime show “Pokemon”, in particular the Pokemon, Squirtle. The vocals persist throughout the song’s chorus, and also serve as ad-libs throughout Kaido’s verse. “Squirtle” is Kaido Kid’s favorite starter Pokemon from the original Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow series.

Kaido Kid is a 22-year old Soundcloud artist who hails from the Corpus Christi area of Texas. Kaido attended public high school and went on later to attending Harvard University. During his time there, he found a huge disparity between his childhood upbringing heavily influenced by drugs, sex, alcohol culture, and the pretentious culture that Harvard is well known for. Kaido found most of his peers unrelatable, and instead found hip hop as a means to continue to “communicate” with the culture that he was so familiar with. Kaido’s musical influences include Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Kanye, and more recently Lil Pump, KILLY, and XXXTentacion, while his personality inspirations tend to stem strongly from anime characters, particularly villains.